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Korean Girl - Lay-T And Han Song I Sexy Pose For Maxim

Korean Girl - Lay-T And Han Song I Pose For Maxim

Today I’m sharing with you two of my favourite Maxim Korea photo shoots, which you may or may not have seen before. They were both taken last year for Maxim South Korea, featuring newly-formed girl group Lay-T 레이티 and race queen Han Song I 한송이 (aka Han Song Yee).

 Korean Girl - Lay-T And Han Song I Pose For Maxim

Lay-T is a South Korean five-member girl group formed by Baeksang Entertainment in January 2012. The group consists of Woori, Nara, Daeun, Areum and Sarang. Unlike many other girl groups, Lay-T has introduced listeners to a new genre of music, Tisco (trot and disco). The five members have trained together for three years before their debut in 2012. Lay-T has so far released several singles including “Soft Soft” and “Catch Me If You Can”, and have performed these songs on various occasions in the country.

From left to right: SarangWoori (Han Ga Eun), Nara (Choi Seul Gi), Areum and Daeun
Woori, who is better known by her full name Han Ga Eun 한가은, has been featured on Red Flava several times before this post. Nara, whose real name is Choi Seul Gi 최슬기 or Choi Seul Ki, even has a Red Flava page which can be accessed via this link. Both Han Ga Eun and Choi Seul Gi are famous race queens who have attended numerous racing events and done countless photo shoots during their modelling career. You can expect to see Han Song I as well, posing fabulously at major Korean auto shows along with well-known race queens such as Im Ji Hye, Hwang Mi Hee and Kang Yoo Lee.
Although we don’t get to see Lay-T and Han Song I often, these two Maxim studio shoots are absolutely gorgeous. They will be posted here together with their videos below. So sit back and enjoy the show! Any comments and thoughts are welcome.

Lay-T’s Maxim Korean Video and Photo Shoot:
Korean Girl - Lay-T And Han Song I Pose For Maxim

Han Song I’s Maxim Korean Video and Photo Shoot:
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